Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Winter wets and blues

I love this time of year in North Carolina. The weather is not too cold, nor is it the nasty hot and muggy that is summer. Unfortunately, the rain comes and goes in waves.

In this area the weather continually shifts from being too dry to dumping gallons of water for weeks at a time. The dry is ok, but the wet makes working outside a real headache. Yes, I'm talking about working on the new workshop

I had a few minutes of sun yesterday so I bleached the frame to kill any active molds that showed last winter before I stickered (?) the wood. This morning, in the rain, i covered the while mess with the big blue tarps. The rain is scheduled for the next 3 or 4 days.

Since I don't have a floor and the frame looks like 32 foot long ice cube tray once it starts raining, I've screwed on some battens around the perimeter to hold the tarp as flat as possible. (Less water equals less weight and a smaller change of ripping the tarps.)

The next step in the build is to put the floor down. Once I plug those large 2 foot by 8 foot holes, the tarp will stop wanting to pool up with water and I can use fewer battens on the tarps.

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