Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nice day? Go to class.

Wow, what a gorgeous day outside...too bad I have classes.

I've noticed that to be the normal behavior of the weather this year. If I have the time to work on the workshop, the weather is cold or rainy and not much fun to play in. If the weather is nice, I have class or some other obligation (cough! Go geocaching with the wife. Cough!).

Since the nice weather last week, we got hammered by a cold front, forcing me to stay inside and work on other projects dealing with school.

I did get out to the shop for an hour yesterday to work on one of the cabinets, before I was requested in the house to help with some computer issues.

I stripped the extra material off the cabinet and trimmed the top flush with the sides. I also took a hand plane to take the edge off one of the side boards which had cupped in the last 100 or so years. Finally, I started scraping the paint to get rid of the loose bits before reprinting it.

I need to finish scraping, which needs a sharpening, which needs a day no where near as nice as today.

I think today, when I get home around 4, will be spent putting more nails in the workshop floor... If the weather holds up. ;)

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