Friday, January 25, 2013

Our guest, the old, bookcases

I got a message yesterday that some old cabinets had been taken out of a demo and that if I wanted them I could have them.

Of course, I wanted them. I would need storage in the up going workshop. So, I picked them up and brought them home.

Since the workshop is still going up, storage around here is premium realty. Not having anywhere else to stick them, I put them in the spare room of the house.

Knowing better, I made sure to mention the current guests to my wife and she saw them as we raided the closet for some cold weather gear. (We don't get a whole lot of snow here, so when we do the whole family has to go play in it.)

The cabinets are just typical early 20th century farm house cabinets made of pine with flat panel doors.

They have now been claimed for bookshelves. They will need some work of course; face frame for one, tops for both, and probably a paint job.

I will remove the doors and save them, along with three others. They most likely end up being used in the workshop, if something else doesn't want them more.

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