Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Life is but a stage

The workshop floor is down! Today never got over 30 degrees (which is quite warm for most of the states), and actually normal for this time of year. A nice cozy bonfire made things bearable.

I still need to finish nailing everything down, add a small nailer, and saw the ends even with the frame. Unfortunately, these thing will have to wait until this weekend due to some weather coming in for Friday. We may even be getting snow.

I was also given some turn of the century windows (1900ish) yesterday that need some work but will perfect for the shop. The main house is about the same age and I will be making some windows for it in the future.


  1. Dan, do you retrofit weather stripping and add storm windows to those old ones? I would have loved to save the windows from our 19100 craftsman, but weather had done a number on them.

    1. I'm a huge fan of saving everything I can. To answer your questions, I normally don't add to a restored window, there are always exceptions. The ones I will build for the house will probably have some sort of weatherstripping and definately storm windows that will go up for the summer and winter, but come down for spring and fall. The ones that I am restoring for the workshop will be as is. Actually Vic, I've never had the need to add weather stripping to one. I've repaired the pinch strip between the sashes to ensure a good tight seal but have never had to add stripping. Good glazing and a nice tight storm window works most of the efficiency issues out.

      I'll be posting the window repairs as I do them. Some of them will require a complete rebuild, and a few only require some reglazing. Maybe I'll give you enough confidence to save some old windows inthe future instead of replacing them.

      Thanks for the comment!


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