Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sheathing vs sawhorse

Our next step at the Latham house is to get the porch ready for a roof. If we would have thought about this step months ago, we wood have had our woodmiser guy cut us a bunch if lumber so we could have had them kiln dried. Instead, we got some 5/4 pressure treated decking boards to make our sheathing boards.

We began by ripping all the stock in half and decided to do lunch in order to let the saw cool off. By the time we got back, the weight of the wood had broken the saw horse and smacked one of the posts out from under the plate.

After fixing the plate, we ripped down the stock to 2 1/2 inches wide, taking the rounded edges off.

The shingles are 18 inches long, and Jason explains how they will have a 6 inch exposure, setting the distance for our sheathing boards. (He likes to try and show his middle finger in my photos. He's normally too slow for me.)

Using some "preacher" blocks, we put a few boards up to see how they look. My only complaint is my dislike of ring shanked nails.


  1. A broken saw horse is a sad day!

  2. They were not really something to be sad about, just a small junky thing someone was throwing away. I pick them up on the side of the road. From time to time I make some on the job site, but they are so well built ;) that they get taken home after the job is over. The ones that make it home see continual use and are much less prone to breakage. Lol.


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