Friday, January 18, 2013

Great day at the Lie-Nielson event in Raleigh

I had the opportunity to visit the Lie-Neilson event in Raleigh today.

I hadn't really planned on going, but when I had an earlier appointment at the state archives I couldn't pass up the opportunity to drop in. It was even better that my wife was willing to go too.

The Lie-Neilson booth was great, let's face it, that's a top notch company. Especially when you compare them to my old relics.

We said our hellos to Roy, who asked how my Historic Preservation studies were going. After talking with him a little longer and playing around with his spring pole lathe, I spotted the table full of beautiful wooden bodies hand planes. It took me much longer to recognize Scott Meek than it should have.

I have been following Scott on twitter for a few years now. I was around when he made his move to Asheville. I was in the background when he started selling hand planes. I was even here to listen to him being interviewed on Wood Talk Online. I was absolutely thrilled to meet this man in person.

We had a great conversation and my wife even asked loads of plane related questions that Scott was happy to answer. I even got to play around with the jointer plane.

This man has some crazy talent and makes some absolutely wonderful hand planes. He definitely made my day and I look forward to talking with him again.

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