Friday, January 11, 2013

Skip the sheathing

Glad to say we got all the skip sheathing installed on the Latham house, although Jason did most of it while I was in classes on Tuesday. All we had left to do was the small area over the rear door.
The two sections of roof are at two different slopes due to the porch rafters meeting the main rafters almost 3 feet up and the side rafters running straight to the side of the house. To make a long story short, our preacher blocks were no longer usable.

Instead, Jason matched the hip angle and then we measured from the bottom most sheathing board and nailed the far end to match. I still hate those ring shanks.
I got a great picture of Jason as he shaved the protruding edges of the hip with his saw. The man is a circular saw master, and uses it like a large angle grinder. A technique that would make most hobbyist woodworkers cringe.

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