Monday, April 13, 2020

Close the Gate!

As I mentioned earlier, a few of our goats are pregnant and will soon give birth.

These are all the females getting a greeting from Roger Collins, the alpha male, and only non-Nigerian Dwarf we own. 

While everyone was running around, I fixed the birthing pen gate, which meant installing hinges and welded wire to the open bits. 

I had these hinges in the workshop for a little while. I'm sure I had some purpose in mind when I bought them, but they will work well here. The gate is quite light. To install the hinges I only had to cut the rails in order to fit it in the frame. 

Leaving rails long on the other end, I use them to keep the gate closed with a simple latch. 

Here, the latches are shown holding the gate closed. 

Victoria Winters and Franny, now in the birthing pen, patiently waiting to have their babies. 

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