Wednesday, November 10, 2010

No time for November

Can you believe it's November already?

I'm in full swing for the holiday season this year. I've got all my presents figured out and am spending lots of time at the workbench in order to make them a reality. Unfortunately, time there means not as much time here, writing the blog.

I'm sure that I'm not the only person on the web that has to curb back on some of the content during the holidays. Kari at The Village Carpenter is taking a well deserved break this season (I am in no way comparing myself to the talent she has). Of course, I do have enough material to push through and keep to posting twice a week like I have been, so I really have no excuse. I still have postings to make for Winding sticks, chisels, saw benches, book reviews, and carving...honest, I have no shortage of materials. Ha ha.

However, all posts concerning the holiday festivities of  present exchange will have to wait for the new year to be posted, just "in case" someone decides to visit this website and see what I'm up to. ;)
I'm really happy with the way things are turning out for the holidays, actually, and I can't help but get a little excited. This is the first year that I really sit down and make personalized gifts and I'm having a great time learning with every cut, scrape, sand, and finish. Hopefully, the recipients will feel the same way.

Another neat thing about November is the fact that my site will be 1 year old. That probably doesn't sound like I big deal to you, but I enjoy it and plan to keep traveling this road going for at least another year. Who knows where that will take us?

Well, time to get off the couch and sharpen my new mortise chisels. :D  I'll be back soon to do some real posting!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Day with Thomas Day, a second perspective

I finally raided Mark's camera and as promised here are some of my favorite pictures of the Thomas Day exhibit in Raleigh (and one awesome picture of me, I'll let you figure out which one it is) from his perspective.

If anybody wishes to use these pictures on other sites, please give credit to Mark Noel.