Thursday, January 13, 2011

Welcome to the year of education!

Wow, what a finish to 2010, and a great start to 2011! The holiday season was full of wonderment and surprises, perfect for the lead into the new year which is beginning at a breakneck pace. Let me review... (insert Scooby Doo fade sequence here)

In November I answered an ad looking for some help milling lumber, which led to moving into a rehabilitated train depot built in 1880, resulting in a little extra income and an awesome place to move into. There is much more to this story but I'll wait a few months before releasing all of the details.

Forward to December where I met and talked to Roy Underhill about Roubo and train stations. He invited me to send him some more pictures of the depot, which I have not yet had the time to do. He and Bill Anderson were very supportive of the house and my plans to persue a  Historic Preservation degree.

Finally in January, school! I began my degree with full time classes in: Historic Carpentry, Historical Culture and Landscape, Architectual Drafting, Researching Historical Properties. These classes are so awesome and I spend everyday anxious to go back to school!

Daily routines have been once again uprooted and pressure is on to do well and still make enough money to survive, but I would truely have it no other way. Welcome 2011, year of education!