Saturday, June 1, 2013

The lobby

During the recent holiday weekend, my wife and I spent our time remodeling the lobby for one of the local businesses in town. I originally wasn't very keen in taking this job, but she talked me into it and assured me that she would help, in my opinion, she was the MVP!

This was actually the first time I had to make a materials estimate and figure out how long it would take in order to ensure we would have it done during the long weekend. Needless to say, I was a little nervous. Some of the game plan would be unknown until demolition day (Friday after closing) and I'm always ready for things to change, which of course it did. After all the totals were tallied, my estimate was only $100 too low which I am very happy with, especially with the changes that had been made after the original estimate had been worked.

The job itself was a basic remodel, the owner wanted new wainscoting, trim, and paint for the lobby and the small entrance room. Additionally, we decided to make a new counter top out of a couple oak boards and found a built-in shelf unit hidden behind the dry wall in the entrance. Here are some "Before" shots.

...and the "After" photos.

And finally, the Monday night celebratory demolition burn!

Even if it burned up a holiday weekend, it was a satisfying experience.

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  1. Hi Dan, thank you for following my blog. I love woodworking and what you are doing sounds exciting.


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