Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ready, set, egg!

Finally finished the chicken coop last weekend and now it's the bird's turn. 

The coop is actually just a major remodel of the old dog house that was on the property when we bought the house in 2012. Needing more up space, I removed the back wall and set it on top of the wall facing fenced-in pen. I then added some additional framing to the sides and the rear, allowing space for a door recycled from an older property. 

I reused the same piece of tin for the roof and sided the whole thing with board and battens using the old barn wood.  After adding a quick door latch, the exterior was complete.

I designed the nesting boxes as I went, because I really didn't know what I was looking for. They are all about 16"x16" and there are 8 total, 4 on each wall. I have been keeping an eye on the nesting material that I have in there and it seems that they have started using the lower ones at least. 

Now, it's their turn.

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  1. Looks Great! Any plans on how to keep the rats out? I miss shooting the rats at night through the floorboards of my Grandfathers farm.


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