Sunday, June 23, 2013


Time for a quick update to all things going on before everyone, human and animal, wake up to start the day.

The wooden shingle project is going well at the Latham house. The majority of the work is time consuming but quite enjoyable, with the exception of the stain, which is really making things hard to work. They look really good but I've come home many night covered with it from head to foot, the worse part is they get more slippery as the temperature warms up. They get a little better after a day or two of being on the roof, but not much. Ha.

The additional slickness of the shingles and the normal 12 over 12 region of the roof requires some additional equipment to work on the roof and not damage the shingles that have been installed. Most modern roofers just use roofing jacks which are quite bulky and expensive if one was to purchase all that were needed for the job. I was advised on how builders would have solved this problem prior to the invention of the roofing jack and have designed a really safe method to lay secure them. I'll dedicate a future post to it soon.

The big news this week is that my best friend who lives all the way on the opposite side of the United States has come for a visit and will help us get our first batch of home brew started. Known as "the beer man," Mark used to deliver and now brews his own. I greatly enjoy his continuing friendship (and beers!) 

Shae and I attempted our first batch of home brew last year using an old Mr. Beer home brew kit. The results, were...well, bad enough to have the finished product nicknamed "Mr. Skunk" and donated to the local drainage system. With his guidance, we are ready to try again and will finally put the "Beer" in "Beer n Lathing!"


  1. Aww… Your friend is incredibly kind. He was truly willing to travel the other side of the U.S. just to help you with the roofing. It’s nice to have a friend like that. You now have another hand to help you finish this project soon.
    -DeShazo Roofing

  2. Sounds like you have a true friend. They can be rare, so treasure your friendship. Hey, come on over and see my launch day photos. Gypsy Rose is in the water, at last!

  3. Indeed, the wooden red-stained shingles look handsome on the roof! But since it's not a common material, there are some disadvantages, which I am pleased to hear that you are dealing with just fine. Your friend flying in to lend a helping hand will make things easier for you from now on. So how has it been by now?
    Brook @ Central Roofing

  4. The use of wood shingles is unique and visually appealing. Add to that the fact that yours was stained red, making it more curiously beautiful. Moreover, wood shingles have a lot of advantages! Since they are light, you don't have to put up additional support to carry the added minimum weight. Also, they are easy to install, replace, and maintain. By the way, how is this project coming along now? Please update us!
    Samantha @ Superior Building Inc.


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