Thursday, May 30, 2013

Never stop learning

Graduation has come and gone. I believed that I would have a little bit more time to myself after my studies were completely done but I'm happy to say that I am currently busier than ever.

My latest degree is in Historic Preservation. It's a term that I feel is a little overused in today's speech, along with calling something "green" and "sustainable." Watching and participating in this program for the last two years, I often wonder where it is going and whether it will withstand the rigors and challenges of our modern society and "technologically advanced" work habits.

I never felt the program had a defined goal in mind. For some, the goals were very open, like myself. I knew absolutely nothing about Historic Preservation so anything I ran across was always new and exciting. I was fortunate to really enjoy the hands on courses and found a true joy in historic research. I was also extremely lucky to meet with and work along side masters in the crafts and to have been apprenticed to one for the past year.

I did not always agree with the subjects being taught, or even the instructors at times, but the bottom line is that I did learn, more than I could have ever anticipated. And the learning continues.

In the past two weeks since graduation: I helped build porches on a 1760 house, dipped 8,000 wooden shingles, watched and learned as a chimney and firebox is built, and even had my own contract to remodel a business lobby in Tarboro, North Carolina. Like I said, I am extremely busy.

Does the fact that I graduated mean that I have stopped learning? Goodness no. I spend everyday learning a little more than the last, whether it's about chickens and coops, chimneys and mortar, or gardens and dirt. I have just finished one chapter of my life and am now ready to begin anew. My biggest hope is that I never stop learning.


  1. I love it when I see someone go back to school.
    I am a late bloomer in this way. In fact one of my college classes was also one that my daughter was taking . . . that was an adventure in its self. One day in class a young man was asking her out for a dinner date . . . she turned around looked at me, sitting behind her and says, "what do you think, Mom?" Boy, did his face turn red, LOL
    My husband and I are presently restoring an old wooden sailboat . . . hardly a historic preservation, but you might enjoy seeing what we have been doing.
    Here's wishing you great adventures in your new field, and congratulation!

  2. Thank you very much for your comment, Connie! I really appreciate that You stopped by and commented on my blog.

    I'm not sure currently what my future professional student goals are, but I do have some of my military educational benefits available. Two of the ideas I have currently are to get a Master's in Preservation or to attend the North Bennett School in Boston for furniture making. I'm going to take a few years to really think about where I want to go from here. The fact that my wife is also in the middle of a career change makes it easy for me to stay put for a time and think it over.

    I'm a huge fan of anything woodworking, a fact that lead me to the degree in Preservation. I took a look at your husband's blog and read about your beautiful Gypsy Pose. I am very envious! You are both doing very beautiful work and I'm sure it will be a great pleasure to sail soon. Your photos reminded me of the boat restoration scene in the 80's John Candy movie "Summer Rental." ;)

    Thanks for sharing such beautiful work and for stopping by my blog!



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