Saturday, February 16, 2013

The missing inch

The window restoration has been taking up a lot of my time lately. We have a cold front coming through today and I don't have any heat in the workshop so I finally have a moment to post a blog.

One of the issues I ran into with the frame was that I rebuilt the sill too narrow. In my defense, the original had rotted off and I had nothing to grab a solid measurement on. The rest of the sills are all covered by vinyl trim, so I had to guestimate. Using the frame width and trim as a base, I added a quarter inch to make it match the other windows as closely as I could.

The rest of the build went great, the dados shown on the last post held everything tight and square. When I test fitted the trim, I noticed the sill was an inch too narrow. I had forgotten to account for the second piece of trim on the window. The trim that hides the window rails in this 1950 style window. I am used to building much earlier frames and hadn't thought about the second piece of trim. Unsure what to do, I packed it up and forces myself to ponder about it overnight.

I thought about taking the frame apart and reinstalling a newer, wider sill but I was worried about damaging the rest of the frame. I finally decided just to edge glue some left over stock to it with some Gorilla glue. The glue would be waterproof and with a coat of paint, the seam won't be at all noticeable.

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