Sunday, March 14, 2010

Job Guide Shelf - Optimus Primer

Ah, it was a beautiful day in central Texas. Beautiful enough to work on the Job Guide shelf (and get it out of my House-on-wheels).

This is what the project looked like at the start of the day. Pay no mind to the chair, I wasn't using it.

I used a chisel to completely level out the tenons. I would have used a little wood filler to completely cover them but I ran out and decided to leave it as a "character mark".

I realized that I hadn't shown a picture of the other side of the shelves on my previous posting. Here it is showing the rounded cuts made with the coping saw.

I did a lot of sanding and chiseling to smooth things out and make them "flow" a little better. (I used a palm sander on the flat surfaces and did the separations by hand.)

I used a small air compressor to blow out the dust and pieces left behind by sanding. It was too loud for my wanna-be galoot ears.

Here I am coating with primer. I decided to go with a high-gloss gray paint to match it with the metal shelves as much as possible. I will buy a better brush to try and eliminate the brush stroke lines.

Here it is, completely primed and back inside after drying a few hours.

Tomorrow is supposed to be another beautiful day, so I should be able to get it painted. Stay sharp, my friends.

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