Monday, March 15, 2010

Job Guide Shelf - Fin!

I finally finished the job guide shelf! Here is the picture story!

And we begin where we left off the day prior. Here, Josie is inspecting the workspace for squirrels.

This is a collection of the tools, optional.

First and second coats on the large, flat, easy, surfaces.

Josie and I take breaks while the paint dries. She likes to fetch.

First coat on the interior, a not-so-flat-boring-easy surface. This took a LONG time.

Many back-stretchings later, I am complete.

I installed the little rubber feets, they had adhesive backing.

Close up.

I add my trademark in permanent marker. "DrC", my initials and a PhD in stupid.

Ahhhh, is done. I will bring it to it's new home tomorrow.

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