Thursday, March 11, 2010

Job guide shelf- day ummm?

I finally have gotten settled down enough to afford me some time to get back to work on the job guide shelf for my current job, a project that is under a time crunch since I officially retire from the Air Force on 26 March and plan on hitting the road on 27 March. With these deadlines in mind I decided to get the horizontal shelves finished up.

Getting the new workspace set up, I prepped everything I needed to get started: my Roubo workbench, engineer's square and straight edge, mahogany plank, carpenter's pencil, and Bose sound system. It's not much, but you have to make due with what you got. This is probably the biggest project I will take on while living in the RV.

I laid out the cut for the first shelf on the left over plywood and decided to use my very expensive Stanley crosscut saw. This saw was free with the purchase of a highly precise yellow plastic miter box.

The saw was catching in the kerf so I put a little paste wax on it. I was amazed at the improvement in the cutting ability of the saw.

I used my face-vise to hold the board steady for ripping it to width. (Actually, it chattered too much like this, so I had to position it on the top and hold it down with my hand vise.)

Ah, ripped  to width.

The next step was to mark out where the shelves will be placed.

Then I marked out where the mortise and tenon jointing will go. I marked out the bottom shelf at 1 inch from the back with 1 inch tenons. The upper shelf was marked out at 1/2inch from the back with 1 inch tenons.

After a dry fit, I marked and cut the width....again.

I marked out some curves on the shelves and on the brace for the far end and used a coping saw....weee.

Here is a pic of the shelves being glued up and clamped.


The following day I used some wood filler to filler in the old nail holes.

Here it is the following-following morning waiting for the sanding and a painting.

(I finished this on the rum, you couldn't tell, could you?)

vr, Rum and lathing.

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