Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Job Guide Shelf - Day 4

Seems like I've been working on this shelf forever. I'm almost surprised that it's only been 4 days of work.

At the end of day 3, I realized that I did not check the previously cut sides on the template for square, which could cause a problem in the long run. So the first thing I did on the next time I visited the garage was to check the template...which turned out to be a little off.  Yay, me!

I clamped the plane to the table and quickly squared up it up.

I then used the guide clamp to draw a line 8 1/8" from the bottom edge of a piece of 3/16" birch plywood that I picked up for a previous project...which is still unfinished. The clamp, at 52", is the only straightedge I have long enough to cover the length of the plywood. 

I decide that this is a good time to use the Disston saw!

After about 18 inches into the cut, I realize I'm not going parallel to the line. I tried and I tried and I tried to straighten the cut, but turning this saw in the middle of a cut is not possible...or I need more practice. I could have continued the cut, but I wanted to waste as little as possible. This sheet of plywood needs to be available for all 15 vertical separators and the 3 horizontal shelves.

I felt a little bit of guilt as I reached for the jig saw. That guilt ended as I flew thru the plywood. I was happy to save the cut.

I used the trusty wood clamps to set up a quick planing job.

I then traced the template on the plywood, saving room for the kerf between each piece. Total separators per plywood = 8. I cheated again, and used the jigsaw to cut them all out proud of the line.

Since I had the jigsaw already out, I measure out the next cut and begin to saw. At about the halfway mark, as my leg was brushing against a rough edge, I realize that I'm cutting on the wrong side of my mark. Leaving me with two pieces, both too short. (This mistake is most likely due to the Galoot spirits being upset at me for using the jigsaw)

After a moment of thought, I traced the template and fitting six separators. The seventh had to be traced onto the other section of plywood.

15 separators, in the rough. 

After that, I used some double-sided carpet tape and secured my template to one of the rough-cut separators. The router table was set up with a flush trim bit and I used logic to tame the guilt of using yet another powered device. I figured that I had already cheated by using the jigsaw, and I honestly couldn't think of a better way to make exact copies. (Actually, I had freely used power tools on this project before I started this blog.)

The template was too thin and let a little section of the separator not trimmed. I pondered this for a moment and flipped it over to get the rest. Sweet! After the first one was complete, I used it as the template and quickly flushed up the remaining 14 separators.

Sanding then made short work of the splinter edges and smoothed the separators.

Proud of my progress, I had enough self confidence to work on the dados. Needing a small chisel (3/16"), I made one using an old allen wrench. I flattened one side using the bench grinder.

I guess-timated a bevel for the other side, one that could handle a little pounding and sharpened it further with the same sharpening "station" I used on Day 2.

This is the first dado. Using a scrap piece 3" wide to keep the spacing even I used another scrap from the previously cut separators, and used a blade to mark the dado to exact width.

This is the first separator in place. Funny that I didn't notice the bowing while I was working on it. I think I was too excited that I was making progress.

Full of vigor, I make a second and then a third. Upon the installation of separator number three, I heard a crack and thought "uh-oh". That's when I noticed the bowing.

Discouraged, but not willing to give up, I removed all three by using a clamp to jack the top and bottom apart enough to slide the separators back out and trimmed one of them to fit. After a test fit, I worry that I trimmed it too much.

I decided to call it a day, before I could make things worse. I headed inside for a beer.Beer, you are my only friend. Today's brew, "Hello my name is Beer", is a Christmas present from my buddy Mark and you can see how he makes these wonderful brews on his blog. (btw, it was a great beer)

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