Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The more things change the more they stay the same

There have been a lot of changes since September 2011. The best thing I can say is I have worked with wood every day in the past year and a half.

(I just saw a mouse in the shop. Hmm, maybe I need to spend more time in here. Wonder what it is feeding on?)

Some days I work on historic restoration, other days I work on building a new workshop from scratch, and when it's raining I finally get to spend some time inside the old workshop/12x16 storage shed.

With life slowing down a little, or me getting used to the fast pace of my life, decided that it it's time to revisit this blog. I do want to shorten the entries. Longer posts are tedious, boring and no fun for all.

Today is a rainy day so I have time to work on a request for a dirty clothes hamper for the laundry room, so i better get to it now and post about it later.

For now,here is a mess I call the workshop.

Location:W Pippen St,Whitakers,United States


  1. Hey Kev! I'm surprised anyone even noticed the absence! Haha. I had wanted to get things going again for a while but had to figure out some details before I did. The turning (pun?) point became the decision for shorter content and the ability to post from my phone, a necessity for anyone constantly on the go. The phone also performs double duty as the camera, taking all the photos used in the blog, so it more than anything else is the true blog saver. Thus far the new setup is working much better than I had anticipated and I look forward to continuing content (hopefully "interesting" content) in the future. Thanks again! I really appreciate your readership! Dan.


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