Sunday, July 10, 2011

A week OFF work = a week OF work

I had all intentions of sneaking back to work last week and surprising my co-workers when they returned with a brand new upper frame beam and some repaired vertical beams. “Had intentions,” that is until I was asked (which translates into “informed without room for argument”) that I should stay home and complete some of the tasks on my own to-do list around the house.
            The to-do list (or honey-do list as it is also known) is never full of glorious and wonderful jobs that want to get done. In fact, the majority of the to-do list is so boring that it remains on the to-do list for a very long time. My list is no different with tasks like: change the direction of the track lighting that is 12 foot high, take down these curtains, put up these other curtain with a different rod. I’m not being completely fair; however, most of my to-do list currently consists of enjoyable woodworking type projects constantly shuffled to the bottom of the priority list. I think that perhaps my week off won’t be that bad.
            Now fast forward to the end of the week. Some of the completed projects this week include: a cat tree for the hoard, a litter box made from a Tupperware container and an impromptu tray for the smallest cat. The tray project became a necessity when the youngest cat, who suffers from a medical issue that prevents him from walking, cut his way out of his mobile kennel and rolled himself around the floors. The tray neatly contains all his items and an accessible personal litter pan and prevents him from hurting himself.
            I also spent much needed time on non-cat projects: cleaned the workshop, installed a clamp hanger, hung a French-style hand plane shelf (which was originally made for the clamps), and threw up a dart board. Additionally, I spent the last two days fighting with a huge blanket chest that I have been semi-avoiding due to the size and my inexperience such a large piece. Oh, I have stories to share on the building of the chest, but I will save that for another post.

            It’s now the last night prior to returning to work and I feel quite accomplished. I even changed the curtains around (with some extra prodding)….but sadly, the track lighting will have to wait.


  1. I never get round to doing projects at home. My wife always tells me "the cobblers children go bare-foot". Mine you it only took four years of her asking me to change the front door!
    Like the blog.

  2. I did a quick look at your blogs and I have a hard time believing that. Your garden is amazing! I couldn't even get most of my seedlings started and I've killed the corn. The cucumbers, however, are in full swing and threatening to take over the world. I can pull up to 30 of them out daily, and the plot is only 2 foot by 4 foot!
    I really enjoy both your blogs and will add them to the favorite tools list for future reading. I am thrilled to meet another blogger working on preservation. Hope to hear from you again soon.


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